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We implement the highest standards in meat production while practicing ethical ranching methods. Our goal is to provide the healthiest form of protein while reviving the streets of our small towns. 

Dude Ranch


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Our Beef

Our Beef

Humanely raised. Hormone free. Quality beef for health oriented families and individuals.

Wiley and Adam

Our Mission

Getting back to the foundation of which our country was built. hard work, family, and community oriented.

Our Story

We are rural by choice. Deeply rooted in tradition of family and hard work, we practice ethical and sustainable farming for generations to come.

Small Ranch Life

10 Mile West Cattle company was formed by an absolute passion for preserving the traditional cowboy way of life with a commitment to breed and raise the healthiest cattle for consumption.

Nose to Tail

We as a country must move away from large scale commercial corporate meat production. Moving toward local butchers in smaller towns, supplied with meat from local ranchers is the best and most sustainable course of action for a better and healthier future.

Latest From Our Blog

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Raising A Young Rancher

Raising A Young Rancher

Congrats! It's a boy! I will never forget the moment when I found out I was the father of a son! Hours in the delivery room followed by, congratulations, its a boy! So much went rushing through my head. Is he healthy? Will he love me as much as I already love him?...

Better Than Grandma’s Roast

Better Than Grandma’s Roast

 Good Eating! Sirloin Roast, easy to prepare, and cook. Quick preparation time. Ingredients 2 onions 4-6  lb roast 6 Garlic cloves Santa Maries seasoning olive oil salt & pepper  ROSEMARY. MINCED GARLIC. Seasoning. Super easy to prepare, and tastes like a...

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