We believe the quality of our meat is a direct reflection of how we care for our herd and the pastures they graze. We offer different purchasing options, including bulk orders, to fit any lifestyle and/or freezer. Our natural beef is high quality, grass fed, grain finished and no added hormones are ever used.


10 Mile West Cattle Company offers bulk beef options for individuals or families looking to stock up on quality beef, at the same time saving money and time by avoiding the butcher at the supermarket for months to come. Call to set a pick up or delivery in certain CA and NV counties. 

Sirloin Cuts of Beef

WHOLE STEER (Mixed Meat Pack)

Approximately (480-750 lbs) A whole steer order is great for a large family (more than 4) or to split with extended family and friends.

Steak and Whiskey

HALF STEER (Mixed Meat Pack)

Approximately (200-375 lbs) A half steer order is great for a any size family (more than 3) looking for a 1 year supply.

Juicy Beefy Burger

1/4 STEER (Mixed Meat Pack)

Approximately (120-188 lbs) ONLY available for local pick-up. This is a half steer order for two buyers to divide meat cuts.

The 20 LB Box

$275 PER BOX | $500 FOR TWO

The 20 lb box is a curated selection of our different availble cuts and is designed for a typical home freezer. This size purchase will last 2-4 people approx. one month with pleanty of variety.


Grass Fed Grain Finished Beef

Our beef is an excellent source of zinc, iron, protein, and B vitamins. Our grass fed grain finished process ensures our consumers will enjoy the healthiest meat, marbleized to perfection with just the right tenderness and texture, with all the flavor.


We have collected some of the BEST RECIPES for preparing our quality meat for consumption. From an intimate steak dinner for two through a backyard BBQ gathering, these mouth watering beef meals will leave you 100% satisfied.

Sizzling Steaks
Steak and lobster meal

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