Proudly Woman Owned

Meet Jessica Jean – a renaissance kind of gal! A jack of all trades. A diamond in the rough. Frankly there are not enough words to describe this fantastic lady. To be honest, she would more than likely refuse to categorize herself should you ever have the pleasure of asking.

Jessica is a worldy woman who has acquired a weath of knowedge through life’s lessons. A true cowgirl, when life deals her a blow, she pulls up her boostraps and rides off into the sunset and challenges of a new day. 

Challenge of Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

While some women may be distracted by the demands of being a mom to an infact, motherhood has only elevated Jesse’s drive. Her son is the force that motivates Jesse to carve out a legacy for his future and the futures of generations to follow.

Already a partner at AJD Builders of Santa Rosa, CA, and co-founder of 10 Mile West Cattle Company Jesse has high aspirations and dreams for expanding operations. She and her co-founding partner, Adam Diaz, are hoping to set up a 501(c)(3) working ranch for inner city youth to work and develop skills in agriculture and farming. Thir ultimate dream is to one day build out a resort and retreat for guests from all over the Unites States to experience life on a ranch, followed by a best in class dinner and relaxing massage.

Not Your Average Cowgirl

Jesse’s aspirations do not seem too far fetched for this can-do cowgirl. Jesse will suggest that her lack of a college degree might one day  limit her ability to develop the kind of business accumen to pull off such an ambitious portfolio.  However, the moment her son waltzes into the room – her face immediately transforms into a fierce and focussed momma that is not about to be stopped.

The underlying competitor that lies within Jesse from her roping days is very much alive inside Jesse as she matter of fact shares her deep seeded traditional family values and the importance of creating a work and living environment that reinforces them.

Healthy and Holistic Living

“I wish to restore the vitality of small towns, large families, and booming main streets. If I am able to create a healthy and sustainable world while offering quality products and services made here in the USA, then my goals have been achieved”.

Jesse favorite part of the day is wrapping up a busy day with a homecooked meal, made with ingredients from the farm. She loves discovering new recipes and sharing her passion for wholesome food.

Visit 10 Mile West website, be sure to bookmark the page, and bear witness as this Cattle company evolves into a sustainable mecca that promotes good health, well being, a sense of purpose, and top tier quality beef procurred from humanely treated bovines.