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Ten Mile West Cattle Company is a family owned and operated cattle company located in Oakdale, CA with pastures throughout Sonoma County in Northern California and Reno Nevada. Ten Mile West runs multiple herds of Angus cross bred cows and calves on several leased acres of mostly upland pasture.

The health of our natural resources is critical to the success of our operation.  Hence, our commitment to pasture management for regenerative and sustainable purposes. We currently have several pastures that our cattle are rotated through on 15-30 day cycles. Our pastures are grazed once per growing season, with pastures receiving as much as  6-12 months of recovery between grazing events.

This practice of pasture management ensures the sustainability of our farms and ultimately our ecosystem.

Cattle Grazing
Holistic Farm Management

We consider the four ecosystem processes of water cycle, energy flow, community, and mineral cycle in every decision we make. 

Momma Cow and Her Calf

Connecting everything because everything is connected.

There are no individual stand-alone elements in nature; everything is entwined and if you remove or change the behaviour of any one of the key processes it will have a wide-ranging effect on other parts of the ecosystem.

Small farms are intrisically aware of the importance of the balance of the elements and agriculture. We are also sensitive to the balance between our businesses and the communities in which we reside.

Our appreciation for a sustainable means of farming is reflected in the basic understanding of the four ecosystem processes. At Ten Mile West Cattle Compay, we proudly honor each process through technology and time tested and proven farming strategies.



water cycle

Influence the process through irrigation and pasture management, keeping soil mineral rich and penetrable.


energy flow

Increase the amount of energy flow to a property is by planting more solar-converting plants and increasing external input of fossil fuels through organic fertilizer.



From the billions of microbes in the soil, to the insects, small animals, plants and our introduced farm animals; they all work together to make the other processes happen.


mineral cycle

A biologically active living soil, with adequate aeration and energy underground to sustain an abundance of organisms.

More than a mere alternative strategy, regenerative agriculture represents a fundamental shift in our culture’s relationship to nature.

~ Charles Einstein

Our Profits Are Measured by More Than Just Dollars

We at 10 Mile West Cattle Company enjoy living in a small agricultural community where we have access to cultural opportunities for ourselves and our future generations.  

We are blessed with being able to choose our livlihood while sharing our work experience with our children. We are committed to expanding our work ethic into our local community by showing and promoting town and school pride, while raising productive members of society.

We will support local businesses and services. We will also share our business through active participation in local business and community organizations. 

At 10 Mile West Cattle Company we are committed to creating a more sustainable food system by empowering local and small farms, practicing land conservation, and restoring the vitality of the California foodshed. Help us continue our support of our ecological community and local economy by purchasing your quality beef from 10 Mile West Cattle Company.


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