A BIG shout out to Invoke Solutions for a job well done!

When your website developer is able to help you come to understand your own brand and story – that speaks volume!

Our founder, Jesse Jean had a vision, but was not sure how to put it to paper, let alone get others to appreciate her goals for reviving the small towns of America while promoting healthy living. This was true until her first sit down with Nicole Tongue, owner of Invoke Solutions.

Two Great Minds Come Together

Immediately following their brainstorm session, Jesse was 100% convinced that Nicole fully understood the assignment. The inspirational messaging combined with the eye-catching visuals have resulted in an informatively entertaining Ten Mile West Cattle Company website that we are extremely proud to have represent our brand.

Nicole asked the hard-pressed questions to extract Jesse’s vision. From inquiring about Jesse’s motivation to embark on a male-dominated industry to what makes Ten Mile West Cattle Company unique, Nicole was able to compile enough information and understanding to share our story while establishing trust and authority in our brand.


You Get What You Ask For

Jesse’s vision includes promoting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle to be practiced for generations. As a new mom, Jesse is fully aware of the importance of instilling her wellness and self-sustaining habits into her son. This includes all aspects working and living sustainably on your own bit of land from the fruits of your labor.

Through her research and thoughtfully written content to her development of a blog to share healthy eating recipes – Nicole has generated a website that will grow and highlight our vision, products, and services for years to come.

We are extremely happy with the result and are extremely proud to share and introduce our website:

Ten Mile West Cattle Company.